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Expired Vitamins: Can they be taken?

Q: Should I throw out vitamins if they expire or can I keep taking them for a certain amount of time after they expire?

A:  This is a very good question that we have been  asked countless times.  The first thing to understand is what vitamins expiration dates actually mean.  Most of us think of expiration dates as  we think about milk that spoils and cannot be taken after that date (sometimes even a few days before.)  Vitamins unlike milk do not spoil or go bad usually, however the potency is affected. The expiration date on a bottle tells you that based on various factors the manufactures  have determined that that date is the last date that the vitamin will be at its full potency.


 So now the real question is what do you do with your vitamins when they expire? Ideally it is best to take the vitamins before they expire this way you get the full potency and results you are trying to obtain.  However,  it is not harmful to take expired vitamins,  and while most people cannot do a chemical analysis to see the actual strength of the supplement, you can still “eyeball” the supplement and see if the color or taste has changed.

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