May 08

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The real question is, what are vitamins for?

  This question is probably the one we should have addressed in our first post. Working in the health and supplement industry we are constantly asked “So do I really need to be taking _____?” While there is usually no simple answer since it really depends on each person, there are many factors involved that are too  numerous to list. However since most people don’t really understand what vitamins are all about they just take anything, without being informed.

 So this brings us back to what are vitamins?

The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines vitamins as:

  Any of various organic substances that are essential in minute quantities to the nutrition of most animals and some plants, act especially as coenzymes and precursors of coenzymes in the regulation of metabolic processes but do not provide energy or serve as building units, and are present in natural foodstuffs or sometimes produced within the body.

  This can be explained in simple English as a substance that the body needs in order to be healthy and can usually be found in the foods we eat and/or can be produced in the body. This brings us back to the question of why some people may need to take vitamins or supplements.

Supplements as the word states is actually meant just to be something added to complete a thing or make up for a deficiency; NOT as a replacement. Many believe they can eat what they want, take a multi vitamin and/or other supplements and still be healthy. This is a myth!

Most healthcare providers will tell you the ideal way to get the nutrients you need to be healthy would be through the food you eat. An example of this would be a 4oz serving of chicken which can provide you with vitamins B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6!  However studies have shown as time has gone by most foods that we eat have been robbed of their vital nutrients and now cannot provide us with all the vitamins we need even if we eat the right foods.

Also sometimes eating the right foods all the time is not possible due to health reasons or lifestyle. And sometimes even though we eat healthy we are still missing some vital nutrients and this is where we at KosherVitamins.com come in.

KosherVitamins has vitamins and supplements for all your needs. We carry hundreds of supplements from many different brands such as Maxi Health, New Chapter, Solgar, Bluebonnet and Zahler’s. So you can find the supplement that fits your needs and that you need to take! You can visit us online at www.koshervitamins.com or give us a call at 800-645-1899.

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    Good explanation.

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